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Linda Rawles solves problems, with integrity, for your school or business.

Whether you know you have a regulatory challenge or not, Rawles can help you identify the challenge and find a business-friendly solution. She can spot check your compliance program or help you build one from scratch. Rawles and her highly skilled team can conduct full-blown Mock Program Reviews and Compliance Audits, finding compliance problems – and fixing them – before your regulators find them and penalize you. 

Do you need help with the constant student issues, compliance questions and key document reviews that plague every school, but cannot afford a fulltime staff lawyer or general counsel? Do your policies and procedures need a review, an update or development from the beginning? Rawles is often called “the most responsive attorney I have ever worked with” and her rates are a fraction of those charged by the big firms. Yet, the quality of service provided is second to none.  

Rawles is also a Corporate Compliance & Ethics Professional, certified by the Society for Corporate Compliance & Ethics. 

Rawles can take your current regulatory and compliance efforts and guide you in building a compliance program that works for both specific industry dictates and the requirements of the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines – pleasing both industry regulators such as the US Department of Education and Federal Prosecutors.

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The Founder

Tom Rawles, the founder of Rawles Law Office (now Linda Rawles Law) uses his 39 years of legal experience to provide the firm with institutional memory, creative analysis and practical solutions to complex problems. Steeped in many different aspects of the law, Tom brings concise reasoning and the ability to cut through the fluff and concentrate on that which really matters to every nuance of the legal issues faced by the firm’s clients. 

In addition, after more than ten years in the public sector, as both a Congressional Chief of Staff and an elected official, Tom understands how government and business must interface in a highly regulated environment. His unique perspective on how government and business relate in a world of shifting priorities and global focus makes him an invaluable part of the Rawles team.

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