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What They Say

Linda Mignone

VP, Marketing at Bridgepoint Education

Linda is a truly collaborative partner in helping to support marketing efforts. Her ability to support cross-functional objectives in a uniquely insightful way brings great value to the conversation. Her consult is meaningful. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

Deb Kotila

Financial Consultant

I was CFO of Brookline College and worked with Linda as General Counsel. She was very aware of the business and its drivers. She was responsive and knowledgeable. I found that, upon evaluation of a situation, she would clearly identify the risks and associated severity of penalties with the risks, and allowed management to decide with full knowledge. She has a firm, calm, and cool demeanor in all situations. 

Bob Adler

Former Operations and Admissions Professional

Brookline, Kaplan, UT and University of Phoenix

When you first interact with Linda, you quickly see that she "gets it." While deeply knowledgeable about legal and compliance topics in the education industry, she also understands Operations and Human Resources. This makes her a valuable asset and a true partner in the strategic vision and direction of any organization. 

Mark Johnson, Esq., CCEP

VP, Ethics and Compliance at Bridgepoint Education

Linda's creative thinking, expertise, up-beat attitude and drive for results as a regulatory attorney and compliance professional….delivers results and solutions with integrity and….helps foster collaboration and efficiencies. Linda does a great job networking and is often able to bring 'lessons learned' from other organizations. I believe Linda’s strengths, personality, and experience make her a valuable contributor to any situation.

Laura Palmer Noone, PhD, MBA, JD

Board Member of Lumina Foundation for Education and The Infilaw System, Former President of University of Phoenix

Linda is one of the finest compliance and regulatory lawyers in the higher education field today. I had the opportunity to work with her over a period of two years during which she distinguished herself as clearly being not only a great legal mind, but also a strategic partner in developing business goals. I would highly recommend Linda….

Seth Belogh

Chief Academic Officer/Compliance & Regulatory Affairs at Bryan University

Linda has a unique working knowledge of various state, accreditation and Department of Education rules and regulations relating to post-secondary education, as well as the non-education-specific legal nuances associated with general business operations. I have known her to bring a wealth of operational experience to the table when considering each and every situation in a way that allows her to tailor her recommendations regarding the current circumstances based upon knowledge of past outcomes of similar situations. This mixture of knowledge and work experience allows her to see things for many different angles….Her calm and friendly demeanor allows her to maintain an impressive network that contributes to her up-to-date sense of current exposure points and areas of opportunity.

Martin Gottlieb

Chairman of the Board of Northcentral University

As an attorney she successfully assisted us in handling a challenging personnel matter in the best possible way. Her years of legal and higher education management experience proved useful to us.

Jim Hoggatt

Former CFO of Apollo Group and Brookline College

I have been very impressed with Linda's work in higher education, especially her ethics, her ability to quickly prioritize projects and tasks, and her skills in legal and regulatory matters.